Pizza Hut Pizza Sizes & Price: How Many Pizzas Do I Order?

Pizza is one of the most loved and popular food chains. It’s not only a delectable snack among youngsters but also liked by other people of any age. Its demand is increasing day by day and so its flavor is also enhancing as per requirement.

There are a variety of pizza’s clubs, cafes or restaurants but some of them sell the most delicious pizzas in the town and Pizza Hut is one of them. It has been serving the most delicious pizzas since 1958.They offer a variety of pizzas flavors in different sizes ranging from pizza for single servings to even for family gatherings, parties and other events. Some of the unique varieties include Pan Pizza, stuffed pizza, Dipping strips pizza etc.  Now let’s have a short review about pizza hut pizza’s sizes and the outstanding deals that they are offering.

Pizza Hut Pizza’s Sizes:

Now they have different sized pizzas available in Pizza Hut like small, medium, large and extra-large pizza. Let’s have a look at the size and price of each one.

·        Small pizza:

Small size of pizza is also called a personal size because this one is great for the appetite of a single person. It is basically 8’’ pizza and it has about 4-6 slices and it is good enough to serve one or two people but if you want to serve children then it will be enough for about 3-4 children. We can order it with any type of flavor according to our choice. If a small pizza has 4 slices then it will be hardly enough for a single person but if it has 6 slices then it can be shared with one more person, increasing the number of slices does not increase the size of pizza but it reduces the size of each slice.

·        Small pizza’s price:

Small pizza price is around $4.79 and it is quite reasonable if you want to fulfill your pizza’s cravings. But this price is just for the simple crust pizza and prices vary with the type of pizza.

·        Small stuffed pizza’s price:

Small stuffed pizza is slightly more expensive than the simple one because it offers the dough stuffed with cheese, seekh kabab etc. It ranges about $5.29. It also includes other types of flavor like chicken supreme pizza and chicken super supreme pizza and it is also of the same price like stuffed pizza i.e. $5.29. If you want to add any extra toppings on pizza or extra cheese, then it will demand extra charges for it.

·        Medium pizza:

Moving towards another size is a medium one. The medium size pizza is your guy when it comes to your two-person date (or just normal dates). The criteria will remain the same for crust and toppings. But the size of pizza is slightly bigger than small pizza. Medium pizza in Pizza hut is about 12 inches in size and has about 8 slices. So you can have four slices easily if you are really craving it. It will also be enough for about 4-5 persons if they are going to have only one slice in that case it will be enough. For children I think it will be enough for about 5-6 children because they have less appetite than adults and even the number of slices and people makes it easy as pizza pie to divide.

·        Medium size pizza’s price:

When we talk about simple dough pizza or pan pizza or hand-tossed pizza then its price is higher than the smaller one and it’s about $11.99. It is reasonable for two people on a date or just two friends for an outing.

·        Medium stuffed pizza’s price:

Now stuffed pizza prices are different from pan pizza because it offers additional cheese in dough. So it’s stuffed or chicken supreme or chicken super supreme pizza price is about $12.99. And just as small pizza additional toppings demand extra money.

·        Large pizza:

Large pizza is bigger than medium one and it offers a better chance to satisfy your cravings. The crust and toppings options will be available, of course.

It is about 14 inches in size and has about 12 slices. It will be enough for a small family dinner. I cannot say that everybody will agree on the toppings, but at least they will have enough slices. It will be enough for four to six people. Considering an ideal serving for an adult is three slices of pizza, the large pizza is perfect for a party of four. But if people are willing to give up on that one extra slice, six people can happily share a large pizza. But for six to eight children it will be the best offer.

·        Large pizza’s price:

Now the question is what is the price of the most demanding pizza? It’s about $14.99 and it is best for small family gatherings or small parties of about 6-7 friends.

·        Large stuffed pizza’s price:

Like the other pizza, obviously its price will be higher than the normal one and it is about $16.99. So if you want to enjoy additional flavors and want to satisfy your taste buds then it will be the best option.

Choosing the right number of pizza for large gathering:

Several factors, like the number of visitors, their appetites, and whether pizza is the main course or one of several meal alternatives, might affect how much pizza is needed for events. Here are some estimations, yet, used to serve as a general benchmark.

Appetite consideration:

It’s important to take the guests’ appetites into consideration. If pizza is the main course or if you are aware that your group has large appetites, you might choose to increase the serving size.

Remember that these were just general estimates that were made but you should have extra pizza to run out.

Variety of pizza topping: 

You can add extra topping on your pizza of your own choice. For example:

  1. Mushrooms
  2. Chicken
  3. Olives
  4. Pepperoni
  5. Cheese
  6. Oregano
  7. Sauce etc.

You have to pay a little bit more for extra topping of your own choice.

Pizza Hut sides:

  1. Garlic bread
  2. Garlic bread supreme
  3. Spicy wedges
  4. Chicken wings
  5. Pizza Hut Desserts:
  6. Chocolicious Brownie
  7. Chocolate lava cake etc.


Pizza Hut is no doubt one of the largest food chains in the world and delivers to satisfy the taste buds of the majority of people every day. So we should enlighten our parties with pizzas from Pizza hut while we can.

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