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Pizza hut was opened by Dan and frank in 1958. It is an American food chain spread throughout the world with a network of nearly 18 000 branches across the globe. Mainly known for its delicious pizzas, it is also famous for its fast food. With home-delivery and dine-in facilities, it’s everyone’s loved hotspot. As the name suggests, ‘Pizza Hut’ specializes in the perfect pizzas. Here we’ll provide you with the information about pizza hut calories pizza, pizza hut calories breadsticks and nutrition facts about your favorite pizzas.

1.  Cheese Pizza (Hand-Tossed, Regular Slice)

Pizza hut’s ever loved and wanted cheese pizza is definitely at the top of the list. With the signature blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, it is the best combo you’ll ever have.

It contains approximately 210-270 calories in a pizza slice with 9-12 g of fats per serving. It has relatively high carb content of 25-30 g and protein content of 9-12 g per serving. A perfect party with friends and family and pizza hut’s cheese pizza is all you need to complete it.

2.  Italian Meatball pizza

Meatball pizzas have a secretive distinction about them. With salivating meatballs, and that too on top of an Italian pizza, it surely is a true delight. Hot and tender meatballs topped with cheese, undoubtedly delicious. The Italian pizza has a calorie count of 170 calories per serving and total fat amount of 8g. with a suitable amount of dietary fiber (2g), 7g of protein and 18g carbohydrates, it’ll definitely entice you to buy it.

3.  Pepperoni Pizza (Hand-Tossed, Regular Slice)

Sometimes for taste and flavor, you need to compromise on your diet and especially when you’ve got the best pepperoni pizza in front of you, so who will not?

It provides you approximately 270-330 calories per slice, with 13-16g per serving. With a carb content of 27-30g and proteins up to 11-14g it is loved due to its taste and flavor. However, pizza hut offers you two additional offers to pepperoni pizza. Pepperoni lover’s pizza, which is double layered with pepperoni in each slice, so who can wait? Other one is double pepperoni pizza.

4.  Veggie Supreme Pizza (Hand-Tossed, Regular Slice):

Never leaving our vegan community behind, pizza hut brings you the ultimate favorite veggie supreme pizza.

A regular slice of veggie supreme has a carb content of 28-32g, providing you with 240-300 calories per slice. It offers a total fat content of 10-14g and 9-12g of protein, making it the lovable choice of vegan lovers.

With tomatoes, onion, bell peppers, capsicum, basil leaves and olives, I don’t think you’d be able to stop yourself.

Thin-crust Pizza

1.  Cheese Thin Crust Pizza

For people who are diet conscious, thin crust cheese pizza is your go to choice. With a relatively low nutrient count, it suits the taste of the people. A thin crust offers a serving of one slice which is one-eighth of your pizza. For a 12’ pizza, each serving offers you 5-8g of fats, carb content of 16-18g and 5-7g protein per serving. Thin crust pizza hut calories are 130-170 per slice.

2.  Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza (1 slice, 1/8 of a 12-inch pizza)

Pepperoni pizza as said, are absolute ones and most won’t want to miss it. So, pizza hut offers you the pepperoni thin crust pizza which meets your nutrient requirements as well as leaves you satisfied and hunger-free.

Pepperoni pizza offers you 140-180 calories with 6-9g fat per slice. Assorted with various flavored pepperoni toppings and shredded cheese, it provides you 16-18 g carbs and 6-8g proteins per each slice.

3.  Veggie Thin Crust Pizza (1 slice, 1/8 of a 12-inch pizza)

For all vegetable lovers out there, Pizza Hut offers you with its best veggie thin crust pizza with 120-160 calories per serving of a 12’’ pizza.  It provides you with 5-8g fats, 4-6g proteins and approximately 15-17g of carbs, enough to tame your cravings.  So veggie lovers, don’t miss out on the scrumptious pizza.

Pizza Hut Breadsticks

1.  Original Breadsticks (2 breadsticks)

Pizza hut breadsticks are the best food choice for teatime, late night cravings and a great addition to the breakfast table.  Each two-bread stick provides 140-160 calories and a low-fat quantity of 4-6 g. An ample amount of 21-23g carb and 4-6g proteins makes it everyone’s munch snack.

2.  Cheese Sticks (2 breadsticks):

Cheese pizzas are common, but cheese bread is a wonderful addition to the bread family. Providing you with 170-190 calories per 2 breadsticks each, it gives you mouth watering flavor and you won’t be stopping anytime soon. 21-23 g carbs give you the best amount of energy needed with 6-8g fats.

3.  Stuffed Garlic Knots (2 knots):

Stuffed garlic knots are going to be your day-to-day breakfast from now on. With the wafting aroma of baked garlic, it provides you approximately 180-200 calories. The perfect balance of 21-23g carbs, 8-10g fats and 7-9g proteins, you’re up for this mouth salivating treat. Pizza hut has been providing you with its best pizza hut calories breadsticks for years and continues to serve its people.

Pizza hut calories per slice may vary based on the toppings and thick and thin crust.

Comparison of Calorie count in pizza hut vs costco pizza:

Costco pizza calories are way more than that of pizza hut. An 8” Costco pizza generally contains 500-700 calories per serving, which is way beyond. The reason why pizza hut is ruling the pizza world is due to its availability, taste and maintained calorie and nutrient count. Though Costco pizzas have been spreading due to their added value, their nutrient count is a major setback for foodies and diet conscious class of society. Pizza hut offers you the best, healthy and ever-tasty pizza and fast food, so you won’t need to look beyond it. However, Costco is famous for its budget friendly pizza deals, so people indulge in it, but be careful to check the calorie count beforehand.  Nutrition facts Costco pizza fails to mention the reason for such high calorie count.


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