Papa John’s Vs. Pizza Hut: Who Offers the Best Pizza?

What to do when you have two of the best options to choose from? On one side, is pizza hut, the pioneers of pizza network and on the other side, is papa John’s, never failing to amaze us. The choice of selecting, where to go or order from, has never been easy for me. So, I decided to try them both and critically analyze both to pick the best one. Today I’ll be giving you the information that’ll make this choice easier for you.

·      Pizza sizes

  • Papa John’s pizza sizes range from 8” – 15” large. With 8” (small), 11.5” (medium), 13.5” (large) and 15” (XXL), you can enjoy according to your desire.
  • Pizza hut gives you 3 pizza sizes, with 9” (small), 11” (medium) and 14” (large) large pizzas.

·      Crust types

  • Papa john’s offers you with stuffed crust, authentic crust and stuffed crust pizza that are extra tantalizing in flavor.
  • Pizza hut presents you with nearly 13 pizza crusts to devour, extending from; original pizza hut’s pan crust, hand tossed crust and gluten free crust to hand stretched crust, cheesy bite crust and the famous pizza hut thin crust.

It would be wrong not to mention how large a range there is, of pizza hut crust types.

·      Dips Options

  • Pizza hut provides you with rich and creamy sour cream and chive dip, garlic dip, BBQ dip, sweet chili and hot dip.
  • Papa John’s surprises you with its saucy and spicy ranch dip, special garlic dip, spicy garlic dip, blue cheese dip, buffalo dip, BBQ dip and lastly the sweet sour Honey mustard dip.

·      Speciality

  • You are offered with a large variety of pizza hut specials, like The Edge pizza – the works, the edge pizza – pepperoni and the Edge pizza- meaty. So be ready for something super hot and appetizing.
  • Papa Johns also doesn’t stay behind and offers its premium pizza collection of pepperoni sauce and six cheese pizza and handcrafted meatless special ties.

·      Menu options

  • Pizza hut continues to serve its customers with an extensive menu consisting of extra savory and crispy pizzas, pizza hut wings, cheesy pasta, best sandwiches, dips and its signature sweet servings.
  • Papa john’s provides you with a large mouth-watering feast of meat and vegan pizzas, baked chicken, side servings and hot and cold desserts.

·      Price ranges

  • Pizza hut offers costly pizza for its special hand picked ingredients but relatively less as compared to papa johns, however, each bite is worth the money.
  • Papa John’s prices are just as a bit more upbeat than that of pizza hut, due to high standards of quality and taste. Same as pizza hut, the large pepperoni pizza starts from $15.

·      Toppings

  • With a large and wide menu of varying pizza crust and toppings, pizza hut definitely tops this round and offers one better than other options, without giving you any chance to get bored.
  • Providing quality and flavor, papa johns offers you with a relatively less diverse but dynamic range of pizza crusts and toppings.

·      Delivery services

  • Papa John’s provides you with free delivery at an order of more than $10. The delivery service is fast paced and in time. It also provides you the facility of order tracking.
  • Pizza hut on the other hand offers you free delivery irrespective of the amount of delivery but it is slightly slow due to the extended network.

·      Customer Care & support

  • Both papa john’s and pizza hut are well praised for their customer satisfaction rate with their quality and services.
  • Papa John’s offers you dine-in and delivery service options through their apps. It provides you with a relatively small but cozy dine in with exquisite interior.
  • Pizza hut provides a large dine-in area with a simple yet elegant vibe creating an environment for pizza lovers.

·      Health Considerations

  • Papa John’s and Pizza hut both provide the best health and quality food insurance. With gluten free products to vegan specials, they’ve been winning hearts of the extended pizza fam.

·         Branches

  • Pizza hut has a huge network of branches throughout the world, so it won’t be difficult to find the nearest pizza hut branch near you.
  • Papa John’s has spread its network over the span of the last decades and continues to expand its ever growing network.

·         Deals

  • Papa John’s offers the best and largest variety of the pizza deals, every time you see a deal you would want to order it, but I suggest you look up to the next ones because they’ll be equally or even so more amazing.
  • Pizza hut is one of the best pizza chains in terms of deals. With the perfect options for family time or movie night, you’ve got a lot to choose from.

·         Ingredients

  • The secret to the success of both pizza food chains is the premium quality of their ingredients. They make pizzas with freshly kneaded dough rather than frozen ones. Both brands claim to use ingredients that are just pure and free of any artificial flavors.

·      Environmental considerations

  • With the ever increasing network, papa johns and pizza hut continue to contribute to environmental safety and resources conservation along with habitat conservation.


Both pizza hut and papa John’s never fail to amaze you with their taste and perfection. We’ve stated all the reasons for why these two are the top notch pizza brands. Stating a final verdict about which one is the best, is something, we will leave up to you. Based on your choices and preferences both are the best. Not compromising the quality of food services is what has led them to the heights of glory. Committing to provide the best pizzas to their fans, they continue to serve millions of hearts.

Do let us know what you think about the article and let us know who is the ‘pizza king’ according to you. Hope you enjoyed reading this. Stay tuned for more amazing content.


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