How To Order Vegan Pizza? (Tips & Guides)


Are you in the mood to eat something light? Want something to satiate your food cravings? But let me guess, you don’t want to compromise on taste.

Who said you’ve to compromise when you’ve got pizza at night. Relatively light and yummy, vegan pizza is there to save your money, and offer you a light yet fulfilling meal. Vegan pizzas are made up of completely plant based ingredients including cheese. But with the variety of flavors and crusts, you won’t be short on choices.

However, to order the best ones for your preference, you need to know what to order. So, we’ll help you figure out the right pizza for you, then let’s get started:

What are vegan pizzas made of?

Vegan pizzas stick to entirely plant based products. No eggs, meat, butter that come from animal sources. You might be re-thinking your decision of ordering vegan pizza now. But I’ll suggest you wait and try because you won’t be regretting it.

Made of vegan cheese, vegan sauce and vegan toppings, vegan pizza is surely the best choice in terms of diet preferences and the vegetarian people.

What does your vegan pizza order contain?

The people who haven’t tried the vegan pizzas yet or the ones who want to experience a change of taste often question what and how to order?

Pizza chains offer various vegan pizza flavors so you don’t have to worry about what to order. What you rather need to know is about what most vegan pizza recipes contain:

·        Vegan crust

While most pizzeria offer you with a variety of crust, most of them are not vegan based. It’s all covered up with a secret 5 ingredient recipe. A vegan crust contains yeast, flour, sugar, yeast and spelt flour and that’s how you get to have a free animal product crust.

·        Vegan sauce

There are plenty of vegan sauces available for you. You can try vegan cashew sauce, vegan pesto, vegan BBQ sauce, creamy cilantro sauce, vegan sour cream, avocado mayo and vegan alfredo sauce. And you know what’s amazing is that they contain no animal based cream and the entire rich and creamy texture is just due to vegan products.

·        Vegan cheese

Vegan cheese tastes equally as good as regular cheese. Not using milk or butter, doesn’t let its flavor go. Made with gold potatoes, cashews, yeast, garlic, vinegar and onion powder. Potatoes and cashews are the two main agents that give it a thick flowy texture. For a change of taste you can have carrots instead of potatoes and to spice it up, you can use jalapenos too.

How to order a vegan pizza?


When ordering a vegan pizza be specific while placing the order. Let the chef know what you’d like to have on your pizza, precisely mentioning their names. It helps to get the perfect vegan pizza of your choice.


While placing online orders, it’s difficult to ensure that your requests have been fulfilled. Especially when it’s raining outside and you’ve got a movie marathon going on. So to be on a safer side it is preferable to:

  • To avoid having cheese on pizza. Most cheese contains animal products like milk, cream, and butter. Moreover, though some brands have introduced vegan cheese in the market, most brands still are working on it. Therefore, ditch the cheese, however, if you’ve got your vegan cheese at home then it’s a cherry on the top of the cake.
  • Be familiar with the place you are ordering from. If you know what your nearest pizza brand sells and you are familiar with its ingredients then there is no worry. But if you want to try some new restaurants, I’ll suggest you look up their websites and see what they are selling. In this way, it’ll be easier for you to decide. After you’ve known your pizzeria better, look into what they add in their pizza crusts. Ensure that they don’t use any animal based product in it and that their cheese is purely vegan that is they have.
  • Vegan toppings

Lastly, order as many vegan toppings as you want. And why not when they are just what you want, vegan and perfect. Order jalapenos, banana peppers, olives, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, onion rings, red pepper, capsicum toppings and a lot more.

From Where to order?

People are often worried about placing online orders, whether they’ll receive the same product or not. However, you don’t have to worry anymore when two of the best pizza brands are there to serve you. Pizza hut and domino’s are well known for their best services, so just like any other day, you won’t have to worry while ordering vegan pizza from them.

How to order vegan at pizza hut?

Pizza hut is the ancestor of the pizza world. Never compromising on quality of ingredients and taste of products. Just like the meat pizzas, pizza hut offers you a completely vegan pizza. Here are few options you can try ordering at pizza hut:

  • The only vegan based crusts are Thin ‘N Crispy, Hand-Tossed, Pan Crust and p’zone dough. Rest of the crusts are not vegan.
  • Premium crushed tomato Sauce (hand tossed / pan crust). Don’t order dips because they contain cream and milk.
  • Side snacks: cinnamon sticks (without icing), breadsticks ( without toppings), fries, pretzel bites

For those who want to know how to order vegan at pizza hut online, just let them know what your preferences are and that you desire a complete vegan based pizza.

How to order vegan pizza at dominos?

Domino’s also offers you with completely vegan options catering to your desires and taste buds. Ordering pizza at domino’s is pretty easy, either you have a dine-in or delivery mood. What you can order at dominos as a vegan lover is:

  • Thin crust with regular sauce (others are not vegan)
  • Various vegan toppings
  • Side orders: garlic sauce, BBQ sauce, Buffalo sauce


At last what’s left is to Try the new vegan pizza at your nearest pizzeria and let us know how it was. Hope the article was according to your queries and questions. Stay tuned for more pizza news


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