5 Ways To Thicken Tomato Pizza Sauce

Like your pizza saucy, creamy and tender?

Well then you need to have the tastiest sauce. Ever imagined how a pizza without sauce would be? It’d be dry and barely edible. So, now we realize what a major part of pizza it’s sauce is.

Tomato sauce is your forever go to flavor. With its juicy texture and taste it is easier to customize as per your likings. Be it spicy or sweet, you’ve got it covered up.

We often try different brands to find the best flowy tomato sauce. Yet most of them are not thick enough for your liking. Tired of trying these expensive sauces all the time? You don’t have to worry anymore because we’ve got you the secret tips to thicken the pizza tomato sauce be it homemade or bought from the market. Then, let’s get started with making tomato sauce for pizza.

How to make pizza sauce with tomato puree?

The general Pizza tomato sauce recipe contains tomato puree, oregano, sugar, salt, pepper and garlic powder as its constituent ingredients. You may use fresh tomatoes also and add other ingredients for different flavors. This pretty much covers the part of how to make tomato sauce for pizza.

 Moving on to the next thing is how to have a well consistent and thick sauce.

1.  Cooking time

If you have a home-made pizza tomato sauce, then the easiest step to thicken is by increasing the cooking time.  This allows extra moisture to evaporate making it thick and creamy. In addition, you can add more tomatoes or tomato puree. It will also provide more volume to the sauce.

2.  Add ons

This step will provide you with an added flavor and taste.

  • Adding 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil to pizza sauce can also improve its consistency because the oil base is thicker than water.
  • Furthermore, you can also add chopped vegetables to the sauce. It’ll provide some extracrisp and body to the sauce.
  • Cashew paste can also add to the sauce’s volume and make it flowy and creamy.
  • If you want to have some meaty flavor, you can also add sautéed beef or sausages to the sauce. It gives you some luscious sauce for a delectable pizza.

These added ingredients provide you with additional health benefits too.

3.  Pasta Sauce

If you are very hungry and in a hurry to get done with your food as quickly as possible, the easiest way is to add some pasta sauce to it. Being already rich and thick, it is an additional taste provider. It is advised to use just the best quality pasta sauce available near you because this will affect the flavor of the final product. Add just the right amount to get it to get smooth and gravy sauce.

Within a few minutes you can get your perfect sauce ready for your perfect pizza.

4.  Roux

Roux is generally described as a mixture of flour and fat. It gives volume and consistency to soups, sauces and gravies. However, depending on where you have to add it, ingredients may vary. You can use all purpose flour or even cornstarch to add to the pizza sauce.

  • If you add flour, you need to cook for a bit longer. For preparing roux with all purpose flour, first melt the butter and then add flour to it. Gently mix it till a thick paste forms. Cook at a high flame for nearly 2 minutes more till its light golden brown. Add it to the tomato sauce and its super ready to cling to every pizza slice.
  • For using the corn starch, no need to cook it. Directly add to your sauce and cook till it is nice and rich.

5.  Adding mashed potatoes or egg yolk

Both of these key ingredients can help you improve the way your sauce looks and tastes.

  • Potatoes are pretty much not used as an ingredient of a pizza. But you’d be surprised to know how much of a taste enhancer and thickening factor they serve. Adding a mashed boiled potato can efficiently absorb the excess water since they are basically themselves starch in nature. So by using a potato, sauce can be made super gravy and you might not know yet but it may be your possible pizza ingredient in future.
  • Egg yolks are another option to thicken the sauce because they are so solid and thick themselves. If you plan to add egg yolk to the sauce, then you need to opt for this method. Firstly heat the pizza sauce and take it out in a bowl. Now slowly and gradually add the yolk to it with constant stirring. Later you can heat the mixture again. We don’t add egg yolk directly while cooking because it cooks immediately on heat so it would not be able to serve the role of thickening agent.

You have got a number of recipes to make from homemade pizza tomato sauce. With added flavor to each and every sauce, your entire pizza taste changes. You can try these different sauces to have a spicy and yummy pizza.

·         Vegetarian pizza sauce

If you are a vegan lover, you must try out this sauce especially made for vegetarians. With tomato puree, basil leaves, oregano, salt, lemon, pepper, sugar and garlic, it is super light and delicious. You can try it out in the summer, if you want a light snack. Make a nice vegan pizza with various vegan toppings and serve.

·         Pizza Sauce for carnivores

If you are a fan of meat and beef this rich and thick sauce is just what you need to try next. Made with beef, onion, tomatoes, bell peppers, basil leaves, garlic and fennel seeds, the sauce turns out extra delectable and pleasing.


I hope you enjoyed these tips to have the right sauce for your pizza and will try out these scrumptious pizza tomato base recipes. The recipes are extra delicious if you want to try at home and give the perfect restaurant flavor and vibe. Try them and let us know how you found them.


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