Pizza has been known to us for ages. From its varieties of flavors to its different yielding techniques. One of the important factors of a pizza is its crust. With the availability of different pizza pans, different sizes and shapes, crunchy or chewy crust and many other variations. Pizza dough is very resourceful and versatile, as it can be used to make many other delicious and mouth watering snacks that are very easy to make and take no time. You can make the following things with pizza dough.


Pizza waffles are very simple and easier to make with no time consumption at all. All you need is 3 ingredients: dough, tomato sauce or any other sauces e.g. BBQ sauce or garlic tomato sauce etc.


You can make small pizza buns with the same basic ingredients as waffles that can be an easy meal to cook for lunch. Use the same 3 ingredients: dough, sauce and your favorite toppings.


It is not exactly what it sounds like. In the term, blue means shredded cheese and buffalo means hot sauce. You have to make a mixture of chicken bites, sauce, cheese and unsalted butter in a bowl and spoon the mixture into the pizza dough and place it in the oven at medium heat and for 5 to 10 mins and then serve the yummiest blue buffalo bites


Of course, you can yield bread out of your leftover pizza dough, this is the easiest thing to bake. So don’t worry about the excessive dough you’re left with. There’s an easy solution to it, which is so baking some fresh breakfast bread


This is the simplest thing you can make out of dough. Simply roll the dough and place it in the oven, and you can enjoy the fluffiest and thin flatbread with your favorite dressing or curries.


Garlic flatbread is by far the most delicious, mouth watering form of flat breads. Take your dough and spread some mashed garlic cloves mixed with olive oil on your flatbread and toss it in the oven. Let it cook for a few minutes.


Calzone chunks are very similar to a sandwich but with the same fillings as of pizza, and it is a closed dough dish.


Cheese filled breadsticks have soft dough and have multiple varieties. You can have it with baked beans or butter chicken.


You can easily make breakfast pizza by changing the toppings from the classic ones with bacon, eggs and cheese. Roll out the dough in smaller circles and toss your favorite sauce and scrambled eggs along with bacon and cheese. Put it in the oven for a few minutes and enjoy your breakfast pizza.

10.              PIZZA HOT DOGS:

Pizza hot dogs are very easy to yield. All you have to do is replace the classic hot dog bun with a dough based bun and enjoy it with a sausage with mustard and ketchup on top.

11.              CAKE BOSS GARLIC KNOTS:

If you’re in a mood of enjoying some fluffy pizza dough and don’t want pizza, then try garlic knots. Cut the dough into strips and tie them into tiny knots. You can brush the knots with olive oil and add some herbs like garlic, mint, and melted better.

12.              PIZZA STROMBOLI ROLLS:

Stromboli makes an amazing meal or can even be served as an appetizer or snack. The best thing about a stromboli is that there is no specific recipe, there are a few guidelines, and you can use the dough, toppings, sauces and cheese

13.              PIZZA CRACKERS:

We often take the skill of baking as for granted, but texture is a very important part. If you roll your dough into a very thin layer, you can cut it into small pieces and enjoy pizza crackers with preferable dips or ranch dressings along with your friends.

14.              MINI PIZZA:

If you’re short on time and want to avoid the whole mess of making a whole big pizza, then you can always opt for small mini pizzas. They are easier to make and time-consuming. Keep your ingredients the same as the classic pizza.

15.              PIZZA TARTS:

Simple mini pizza tarts are ideal for the people who like cheesy meat. All you have to do is roll out the dough and add your filings which can be a mixture of sauce and chicken bites and cover them from the top with a thin layer of dough. Toss them in the oven for a few minutes and enjoy your crispy cheesy tarts.

16.              CINNAMON ROLLS:

There are varieties of sweet things that you can make with pizza dough. Cinnamon rolls are very easy to make using pizza dough. Roll out the dough and spread cinnamon, sugar and butter. Then roll the dough and toss it in the oven for a few minutes and enjoy your crunchy sweet cinnamon rolls.

17.              PIZZA POT PIE:

Pizza pot pies are deeper than usual pies and yes, you can make pizza pie in a pot. There is no button crust on the pie, just knead the top layer more to get more fluffy texture.

18.              PIZZA EMPANADAS:

Empanadas are basically little pockets of dough with fillings stuffed on the inside which can include chicken, beef, fish along with some sauce.

19.              DESSERT PIZZA:

A dessert pizza is like a crisp sugar cookie. Which includes a thin layer of your regular pizza dough with icing of your choice . You can also toss on some raspberries for extra flavors.


Apple pie is old news now. What can be more exciting than taking advantage of the crispiness of the dough and adding the same toppings as apple pie and enjoy a crispier yet delightful version of apple pie as an iconic sweet dish.

21.              SWEET DOUGH BALLS:

The popular Italian snack known as castagnola is not just any regular balls like doughnut balls. They are specially made with dough. It includes eggs ricotta and lemon.

22.              MINI PIZZA BAGELS:

Mini pizza bagels are pretty basic to make . You can shape your dough into bagels with pizza filings which can be chicken, fish and beef mixed with any kind of tomato sauce.

23.              PIZZA FRIES:

I agree that iconic French fries are still trending and will be the OG snack, but what can be more exciting than normal fries. Yes pizza fries..


Chinese food is completely different when you cook it at home. But you can do wonders if you use the technique of Chinese dumplings with American ingredients.

25.              PIZZA PANCAKES:

Pizza pancakes are very simple to make. You can make a spicy pizza pancake using the toppings as a filling, or you can add any sweet batter or syrup between your rolled thin layers of dough and toss them in the oven.

26.              EGG AND SPINACH SANDWICH:

If you’re looking for a lactose free breakfast, then you have to try this sandwich.

27.              POPSICLE PIZZA:

One of the most scrumptious things you can yield out of pizza dough is pizza popsicles. All you have to do is take the mold and add the dough and stuffing.

28.              PRETZEL BITES:

Pretzel bites are a super-duper crunchy, sweet and yummy snack that you can make out of pizza dough in no time. If you’re looking forward to switching your junk food genre with another, you must try these pretzel bites.

29.              FLATBREAD SANDWICH:

You’re familiar with bread sandwiches and burgers, but have you ever heard of flatbread sandwiches? They are very easy to make. All you have to do is take to flatbreads and stuff then with your favorite filling.

30.              PIZZA MUFFINS:

You can make pizza muffin with your muffin tins. It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is cut the dough into small square pieces and align the pieces along the muffin tin. Bake them and enjoy

31.              PIZZA DOUGHNUTS:

We have mentioned a few varieties of pizza balls and doughnut balls, and we almost forgot the pretty basic one that is a doughnut. You make a doughnut out of the same dough as pizza and enjoy them with chocolate sauce and sprinkles.


In short, you can make a variety of dishes using pizza dough. There are many other things that you can make using pizza dough. The recipe and ingredients are pretty much the same, but the way you shape your dish is important. You can even fulfill your sweet tooth requirements by making sweet dishes. As pizza, dough has no limitations.


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