31 Best Mushroom Pizza Recipes to Try Tonight


Mushrooms are a popular topping among pizza lovers because they give pizzas a tasty flavor and a meaty structure. Mushroom pizzas have something to offer everyone, regardless of whether you’re a vegetarian, a meat eater, or anywhere between them. In this article, we’ll look at 31 delicious mushroom pizza recipes that will give you the motivation you need to make tasty pizzas if you have mushrooms at hand in the ease of your own home.

1.    Buffalo Mushroom Pizza:

Buffalo butter your mushrooms for a hot push, then cover the pizza with blue cheese and vegetables for a classic treat.

2.    BBQ Mushroom Pizza:

For a finger-licking-best pizza, mix smoky BBQ sauce with mushrooms, roasted onions, and any cheese of your choice.

3.    Classic Mushroom Pizza:

Let’s choose the all-time favorite pizza: a basic mushroom pizza with mozzarella cheese, fried mushrooms, and an addition of basil on a crunchy cooked dough.

4.    Chicken and Mushroom Pizza:

For a healthy lunch, top your pizza with soft, grilled chicken and mushrooms on pizza to feed your protein desire.

5.    Garlic Mushroom Pizza:

For a taste explosion in each mouthful, elevate your pizza skills with fried garlic mushrooms, fresh basil, and a touch of olive oil.

6.    Hawaiian Pizza with Mushrooms:

Chopped mushrooms, bacon and fruit are included in the basic Hawaiian pizza to give it an unusual take for your next housewarming party.

7.    Margherita Pizza with Mushrooms:

Sliced mushrooms are to be placed on the classic Margherita pizza to give it that unique touch and create a tasty flavor blend.

8.    Mushroom and Sausage Pizza:

Sausage’s taste the best when combined with mushrooms and mozzarella to give a filling and tasty meal.

9.    Margherita Stuffed Crust Mushroom Pizza:

Add a lovely base that is topped with mozzarella cheese to take your mushroom pizza to the next level.

10.                       Mushroom and Pepperoni Pizza:

Mix the spicy richness of pepperoni with roasted mushrooms and melting cheese for the full cheesy feelings.

11.                       Mushroom and Artichoke Heart Pizza:

Have a delicious pizza topped with roasted mushrooms, fried crab hearts, and fresh basil.

12.                       Mushroom and Goat Cheese Pizza:

For a superb taste characteristic, mix the acidity of goat cheese with the earthy textures of mushrooms and burnt onions.

13.                       Mushroom and Feta Pizza:

For a Greek-creative joy, cover your pizza with shredded feta cheese, roasted mushrooms, Kalamata olives and an addition of extra olive oil.

14.                       Mushroom and Gorgonzola Pizza:

For an absolute heavenly combination, make a pizza with gorgonzola, mushrooms, walnuts and a little bit of honey for the blue cheese lovers.

15.                       Mushroom and Egg Pizza:

Begin your morning with a creative breakfast pizza that has a variety of bacon and mushrooms which are roasted to perfection with an egg.

16.                       Margherita Mushroom Deep Dish Pizza:

For a nourishing Chicago-style meal, cook your mushroom pizza in a deep dish pan covering it with tomatoes, cheese and mushrooms.

17.                       Mushroom and Olive Pizza:

For a Mediterranean style pizza, enjoy the flavor combination of black olives with roasted mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.

18.                       Mushroom and Prosciutto Pizza:

For a classy and tasty pizza, try the combo of finely cut prosciutto, onion and fried mushrooms.

19.                       Mushroom and Sundried Tomato Pizza:

For a taste of Mediterranean joy, mix the strong spices of dried tomatoes with mushrooms, lettuce and some goat cheese.

20.                       Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Pizza:

On this pizza, you get the taste of the best flavor arising from those caramelized onions roasted with mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.

21.                       Mushroom and Broccoli Rabe Pizza:

Baked mushrooms and bright, tasty and colorful broccoli rabe never fail at giving a full nutrient topping to pizza for best pizza with mushrooms.

22.                       Mushroom and Roasted Garlic Pizza:

Spread fried garlic cloves as the topping of your pizza for delicious taste, later finish it off with roasted mushrooms and an addition of vinegar sauce. This pizza is just perfect for garlic and mushroom lovers.

23.                       Mushroom and Shrimp Pizza:

Add a delicious lobster, roasted mushrooms and a thick garlic gravy as a special touch to this pizza for toppings.

24.                       Mushroom and BBQ Chicken Pizza:

For a wonderful taste experience, mix the charness of BBQ chicken with mushrooms and red onions. Some handsome amount of cheese will level up the whole recipe.

25.                       Mushroom and Ricotta Stuffed Crust Pizza:

Use a lot of ricotta cheese and roasted mushrooms to make a delicious topped pizza dough.

26.                       Mushroom Calzone:

To make an excellent calzone while using the best mushroom pizza recipes, wrap your pizza base with toppings of cheese, mushrooms, and your chosen pizza sauces.

27.                       Pesto Mushroom Pizza:

For an abundance of Mediterranean taste, add basil pesto layer on your pizza dough before topping it with chopped mushrooms, dried tomatoes, and pine nuts.

28.                       Spinach and Mushroom White Pizza:

Make a creamy white pizza while using ricotta cheese, roasted lettuce, mushrooms, and an addition of spices for a stylish end.

29.                       Three-Cheese Mushroom Pizza:

Using a combination of mozzarella, provolone, and creamy goat cheese, get the cheesiness of a pizza while being matched by the flavor of mushrooms.

30.                       Truffle Mushroom Pizza:

Add truffle oil and shredded Parmesan cheese to your mushroom pizza for a best meal that is sure that it will make your mouth water.

31.                       Vegan Mushroom Pizza:

With a vegan-friendly pizza covered with mushrooms, free of dairy cheese, and a lot of bright veggies, you can satisfy those who only eat plants meant vegans.

Do you cook Mushrooms before adding them on your pizza?

If you don’t cook the mushrooms on pizza before anything else, all they will add to your pizza is extra water and moisture rather than a delicious and tasty meaty structure and best taste ever. Roast the mushrooms for a minimum of 10 minutes to get rid of any extra moisture or water and provide a richer taste before baking them in your pie while utilizing herbs, salt, pepper, olive oil and other spices.


With the help of these 31 most delicious mushroom pizza recipes, you may start an edible adventure full of tastes, structures, colors, and originality. Mushrooms are a flexible addition that raise any pizza to an entirely different level, whether you decide on a standard Margherita, spicy and sour BBQ chicken or an exceptional truffle and garlic mushroom pizza. Prepare a delicious mushroom pizza that will have your appetite screaming for more by grabbing your apron and stepping on to the kitchen.


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