Cheeseless pizza is the way to go for those who don’t want to use cheese or simply want to try an innovative version. These recipes for cheeseless pizza are excellent and bursting with amazing flavor. This article includes the best cheeseless pizza and cheeseless pizza recipe.

1.   BBQ Jackfruit Sensation:

Swap tender, smoky BBQ jackfruit instead of the meat. To finish off this delicious pizza free of cheese, add some red onion pieces and cilantro.

2.   Broccoli and Pesto Perfection:

Use boiled broccoli florets as the topping of your pizza. Cherry tomatoes, black olive pieces, and your preferred pesto should be placed on top.

3.   Classic Margherita Twist:

For a healthier version of the famous Margherita pizza, switch the mozzarella for pieces of fresh tomatoes, basil leaves, and a small amount of additional virgin olive oil. Without cheese, the taste mix together perfectly.

4.   California Dreamin’ Avocado Pizza:

For a nourishing and rich in nutrients pizza, add mashed avocado on your pizza dough and top with cherry tomatoes, red onion and a couple of hemp seeds.

5.   Caprese with a twist:

For a refreshing twist on the standard Caprese, swap tasty peach slices for the mozzarella cheese and top them with fresh basil stems and vinegar glaze.

6.   Caramelized Pear Elegance:

For a tasty flavor combination, caramelize pear slices with brown sugar in a hot pan prior to topping your pizza crust with them, caramelized onions and basil.

7.   Carrot and Cilantro Fusion:

For a spicy and refreshing pizza, add a layer of mashed carrot on your pizza crust and top with freshly chopped cilantro, carrot shreds and red onion.

8.   Eggplant Parmesan pizza:

For your pizza base, knead and cook thin pieces of eggplant. For an Italian-inspired pleasure, top with marinara sauce, fresh basil, and vegetarian parmesan.

9.   Greek-Inspired Goddess:

Top your pizza with roasted garlic, cherry tomatoes, red onions, spinach, and Kalamata olives. Add a few drops of lime juice to the end part for an infusion of lemon tastes.

10.                     Hawaiian Pineapple Party:

For a sweet and delicious pizza, get tropical using chopped pineapple, ham or organic ham, red bell peppers, and green onions slices.

11.                     Indian Curry Delight:

For an exceptional cheeseless pizza experience, put an even layer of thick curry paste on your pizza crust and top with spice-roasted vegetables like potatoes, cauliflower, and chickpeas.

12.                     Lebanese-Inspired Za’atar:

Olive oil must be rubbed on the crust after za’atar spices, sumac, and sesame seeds are poured. For a tasty Middle Eastern pizza, add cucumber, tomato, and red onion pieces.

13.                     Mediterranean Magic:

Top your pizza to the rim with refreshing Mediterranean-inspired toppings including olives, crab hearts, sun-dried tomato slices, roasted red peppers etc.

14.                     Moroccan Spiced Delight:

Add roasted cauliflower, hot taste lentils, and tahini sauce to your crust to create a pizza with a Moroccan twist.

15.                     Pesto Veggie Delight:

Spread your crust with an abundance of basil pesto, next top it with grilled bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant, and cherry tomatoes for additional freshness.

16.                     Piquant Pickle Perfection:

Spread a thin covering of Dijon mustard on your pizza dough and topped with freshly cut dill pickles as well as caramelized onions for a surprising and excellent taste.

17.                     Rustic Ratatouille:

Topped with olive oil, fresh thyme, and pieces of the zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, and tomatoes, your pizza will reflect the rustic charm of ratatouille.

18.                     Rustic Fig and Balsamic:

For a stylish and tasty combination, layer fig parts and roasted onions on your pizza dough after applying an addition of balsamic reduction.

19.                     Roasted Beet Beauty:

A stunningly delicious pizza is created by baking thinly sliced beets until they are tender enough before adding them onto your pizza crust in addition to spinach, roasted walnuts, and a coating of acidic sauce.

20.                     Ratatouille Stuffed Peppers:

For a healthy and attractive meal, use roasted bell peppers as your pizza crust and topped them with ratatouille vegetables like zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, and herbs.

21.                     Savory Mushroom Medley:

Add a number of wild mushrooms, especially shiitake, portobello, and oyster mushrooms, on your pizza dough before cooking them in garlic and olive oil. Your memory of the cheese will be completely erased by the umami taste.

22.                     Smoky Barbecue Chickpea:

Chickpeas may be cooked until crispy before being coated in your favorite smoky barbecue sauce. For an amazing vegan BBQ feast, sprinkled them on your pizza crust in addition to red onions and cilantro.

23.                     Southwestern Sweet Potato:

Cubes of sweet potato are baked with cumin and pepper powder until they are softened. The sweet potato, black beans, sliced tomatoes, and freshly chopped cilantro must be set on top of the pizza crust.

24.                     Taco Pizza Fiesta:

With spicy ground beef or plant-based meat, black beans, shredded tomatoes, avocado pieces, and a spoon full of vegetable soy sauce, you can add a Mexican correspondence to your pizza. This Taco pizza recipe is included in the category of cheeseless pizza recipe with meat.

25.                     Thai Peanut Temptation:

For a Thai-inspired delight, add a smooth peanut sauce on your pizza crust and top with fried vegan tofu, chopped carrots, bean sprouts, and crushed peanuts.

26.                     The Classic Cheeseless Margherita:

Sometimes, the simplest is best. For a traditional, never-fail cheeseless pizza, go for the classic Margherita toppings of tomatoes, fresh basil, and olive oil.

27.                     Vegan Caesar Salad Pizza:

By applying vegan Caesar dressing on your dough and topping it with lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, and vegetarian bacon pieces, you may transform a Caesar salad into a pizza.

28.                     Vegan Sausage and Fennel:

For a nutritious pizza, crumble vegan sausage over the crust and top with sliced fennel seeds, black olives and an addition of crushed red pepper.

29.                     Vegan Philly Cheesesteak:

For a vegan twist on this classic sandwich, cook slices of seitan or portobello mushrooms with bell peppers and onions after stacking them high on your pizza.

30.                     White Bean and Rosemary:

For a special and delicious treat, spread a white bean puree on your crust and cover with freshly chopped rosemary, roasted cloves, and tomato slices.

31.                     Zesty Buffalo Cauliflower:

Bake cauliflower florets until crispy after covering with spicy buffalo sauce. Add some chopped celery, and an addition of vegetarian ranch sauce on your pizza crust and your cheeseless cauliflower pizza is ready.

These all are also considered some of the best cheeseless pizza toppings.


Explore the world of cheeseless pizzas with these 31 innovative and delicious recipes that will please every palate. These cheeseless pizzas offer an interesting selection of opportunities for a delicious meal experience, whether you are a fan of vegetables, spices, or unique tastes.

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