27 Best Heart-Shaped Pizza Recipes


Pizza is so far common, and when it is cut into the shape of a heart, it rises to the level of the purest form of love. A heart-shaped pizza is an excellent way to express other’s love on Valentine’s Day or to celebrate an occasion, or just to show your love. In this article, we’ll look at 27 amazing heart-shaped pizza recipes. We can include any combination, from standard pairings to unique ones.

1. BBQ Chicken Love Heart-Shaped Pizza:

Get a bit touchy with a BBQ chicken pizza, which combines soft chicken pieces, spicy barbecue sauce, and red onions to make a delicious heart-shaped pizza.

2. Classic Margherita Heart-Shaped Pizza:

Get a romantic taste on the simple happiness of a Margherita pizza. The good mood will be created by the combination of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil, and a heart-shaped pizza base.

3. Four Cheese Romance Heart-Shaped Pizza:

Four different cheeses like Mozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan, and Gouda all melted together to create an amazing heart-shaped pizza, so you can lose yourself in cheesy perfection.

4. Gluten-Free Love: Heart-Shaped Pizza:

Explore a heart-shaped pizza base that is gluten-free and best for all pizza lovers, regardless of their nutritious requirements.

5. How to Make a Heart-Shaped Pizza: A step-by-step guide:

Learn the skills and techniques for making pizza at home in the shape of a heart. You will be taught the process of making the pizza dough and topping it with your chosen ingredients.

6.Hawaiian Affection Heart-Shaped Pizza:

With a Hawaiian pizza, pineapple and melted cheese all organized in the heart-shaped pizza dough, you can know about its sweet taste.

7. Heart-Shaped Pizza with a Twist (breakfast edition):

A breakfast pizza in the shape of a heart will surprise your loved ones. For an excellent way to start your day, add some scrambled eggs, bacon, and chives to it.

8. Heart-Shaped Dessert Pizza (Sweeten the Love):

Have a heart-shaped dessert pizza with Nutella, strawberries, bananas, and an addition of powdered sugar to increase the sweetness. First you can bake the dough to perfection and later add your toppings for a sweet treat.

9. Heart-Shaped Supreme Pizza:

Think about getting a supreme pizza with a heart-shaped topping of pepperoni, sausage, bell peppers, onions, and olives as toppings.

10. Heart-Shaped Calzone (A Folded Love Affair):

Make a heart-shaped pizza as a test with the standard heart-shaped pizza. Cover it with your selected ingredients, then carefully close the corners.

11. Heart-Shaped Pizza Breadsticks:

Make amazing pizza breadsticks from your heart-shaped pizza dough that everyone will like. Add extra marinara sauce on the side for dipping.

12. Heart-Shaped Pizza Rolls (Bite-sized Love):

Make delicious heart-shaped pizza rolls while using pizza toppings for parties. These rolls are super easy to make.

13. Heart-Shaped Mini Pizzas for the Little ones:

Attractive heart-shaped little pizzas will brighten up the kids. Give children a chance to pick their own toppings so they may take part in a fun cooking session.

14. Heart-Shaped Stuffed Crust Pizza:

A heart-shaped pizza with a stuffed crust will improve your pizza creation skills. For an extra delicious surprise, stuff the edges with your favorite cheese.

15. Heart-Shaped Vegan Pizza:

With fresh vegetables, plant-based cheese, and tasty tomato sauce, bake a heart-shaped vegan pizza for our vegan friends.

16. Heart-Shaped Pizza Calzone (Italian Love):

Take an idea from the basic calzone and create a heart-shaped calzone full of tasty ingredients and affection. This calzone and pizza combo fits well for a date night.

17. Heart-Shaped Breakfast for Two (Morning Pizza Romance):

A heart-shaped breakfast pizza with eggs, bacon, spinach, will help you start a lovely morning with a good mood for the day ahead.

18. Heart-Shaped Buffalo Chicken Pizza:

A heart-shaped buffalo chicken pizza that consists of spicy chicken with ranch dressing and chopped blue cheese sprinkled over will heat things up.

19. Heart-Shaped Mediterranean Pizza:

A heart-shaped pizza topped with olives, feta cheese, artichokes, and sun-dried tomatoes will bring you to the Mediterranean.

20. Heart-Shaped Margherita Pita Pizzas:

For an easy and simple heart-shaped Margherita pizza which is best for a light lunch or snack, use pita bread as the bottom layer. This recipe will be a life saver for you whenever you are short on time.

21. Heart-Shaped Pizza on the Grill (Summer Love):

Turn up the heat to grill and make a pizza in the shape of a heart that has a burned, smoky taste. Take your special ones out for an enjoyable outdoor pizza night.

22. Heart-Shaped Breakfast Pizza with Heart Eggs:

Make a breakfast pizza and surprise others with lovely eggs made with heart-shaped pans. This heart in heart visually appealing breakfast option will sit just right for the argument you had the other night.

23. Heart-Shaped Nutella Dessert Pizza:

Nutella dessert pizza can be topped with strawberries, bananas, and crushed almonds, you can top on your pizza tour in a lovely manner.

24. Meat Lover’s Devotion Heart-Shaped Pizza:

This heart-shaped pizza can make any meat lover’s wishes come true. For a best meal, top this heart shaped pizza with ground beef, sausage, bacon and ham.

25. Pepperoni Passion Heart-Shaped Pizza:

Add a bit of pepperoni on your pizza. To provide this classic pizza recipe an affectionate touch, place the pieces of pepperoni in the shape of a heart to make it more adoring.

26. Pesto Passion Heart-Shaped Pizza:

Replace the traditional tomato sauce with a base of tasty pesto. For making the best green setting for your heart-shaped pizza, mix fresh basil, pine nuts, garlic, and olive oil.

27. Veggie Love Heart-Shaped Pizza:

Top your heart-shaped pizza base with beautiful and fresh bell peppers, mushrooms, olives, and onions for all the vegans around the world. Neither the eyes nor the taste feelings will be delighted and impressed by this healthy and nutritious meal.


Most pizza hut offers this heart-shaped pizza during Valentine day from 8th of February to 14th of February. You can also customize your pizza on normal days. You can also change the topping or replace it with your own favorite ingredients. And all heart-shape pizza orders are made on a thin crust base of pizza and then can be ordered with your selected toppings.


Pizza in the shape of a heart is more like the simple pizza; it is a sign of feelings and love. Regardless of your choice, if you go with a traditional Margherita or get experimental with different toppings, the work and struggle are undoubtedly sure to win the hearts of every single person. Make every single bite an evidence to your love and feelings and cooking skills by knowing these 27 finest and best heart-shaped pizza recipes that can fit on any occasion.

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