19 best Campfire Pizzas

Campfire nights are the best way to get away from the busy schedules of our lives. Be it hanging out with friends or family, these moments become a part of your memories. BBQ is on the top list of campfire foods, so why leave the pizza behind. No worries, you don’t have to miss on pizzas on a campfire night. Bake your very own pizza under the stars and let the aroma waft in the air. Here we bring you the 19 best campfire pizza bake recipes that you sure don’t wanna miss out on next time. 

1.  Classic Campfire Pizza

Just like its name, the pizza is super classic. Baked on burning coal, in the midst of jungles, under the starry night, it is a treat for pizza lovers.  Cooked on rocks, with the pizza dough spread on it, garnished with toppings, it’s sure gonna be your next camping recipe.

2.  Cast Iron Skillet Pizza:

The recipe is simple and super easy. Make the dough as instructed, put the toppings, bake, serve and eat. However, cast iron skillet pizza specializes due to the baking utensil made up of cast iron. Cook on burning flames and let the pizza bake. Enjoy your night under the sky, with a delicious pizza in hand.

3.  Classic Margherita Pizza

Simple yet mouth watering are the two words you’ll say after devouring it. Topped with finely chopped tomatoes, shredded cheese, basil leaves, olives as per your likings. Prepare your own campfire pizza oven with a pizza stone and bake it. It will give you the best taste with the wafting smell of soaked soil in the dark night.

4.  BBQ Chicken Pizza

BBQ on a campfire night is a must and campfire is incomplete without bbq. So, why not level up the game and try a BBQ pizza. With its spice sauce, chunked chicken, onions rings, mozzarella cheese, this definitely is a delight for the pizza and BBQ fans.

5.  Veggie Supreme Pizza

During the camping night, how can we forget our vegan friends out there.  Presenting the most perfect combo of capsicum, tomatoes, onions, spinach, bell peppers and mushrooms, it’ll be your new favorite from now on and mind I tell, it won’t disappoint you. Moreover, the campfire coals are there to provide the perfect crust.

6.  Hawaiian Pizza

What distinguishes it from the typical pizza recipes is its toppings. The best combination with ham and cheese you’ll ever taste in your life. Sweet yet spicy is what you’ll taste and what better it could be surrounded by nature.  With added flavors of pineapple, you sure will love this tangy pizza

7.  Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza

It is your very own favorite campfire pepperoni pizza here, to satiate your taste buds once again in the midst of forest with no delivery service. So, when nature has given lemons why not make lemonade. Campfire is there so why leave the ever-best pepperoni pizza behind? You would have tried various pepperoni pizza recipes but why not, this time with a twist of mushrooms. With sauteed mushrooms, tomato sauce, pepperoni slice and cheese…yum!

8.  Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Chicken pizza…check, pepperoni pizza…check, ham pizza…check. Then why leave buffalo pizza on such an adventurous night. With spicy buffalo sauce, chicken pieces, sour onion and cheese, do you think you’ll ever stop eating it?

9.  Breakfast Pizza

Campfires are a night thing, but it can’t stop you from your breakfast pizza. Assorted with cheese, sausages and scrambled eggs, it won’t let you miss your home-cooked breakfast. Bake it on your cast iron skillet and enjoy your perfect campfire mornings. Make a large 14” inch pizza and make your day.

10.  Mediterranean Pizza

Mediterranean flavors are the dream come true of foodies. This delicious pizza with dried tomato toppings, artichoke hearts, feta cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil, will definitely make you fall in love once again.

11. Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

Cheese and steak, these names are enough to bring water to your mouth and then pizza, pure bliss. Well, why not have it all? You would have various tried campfire steak pizza recipes but, we are presenting you, blend of steak, cheese and pizza… that’s right, ever lovable philly cheese steak pizza. So what else do you need, with a thick steak slice, roasted bell peppers, onion and thick cheese layer?

12. Pesto and Roasted Veggie Pizza

Campfire pizza nights will never disappoint vegan lovers. Here we present you the special campfire pizza with veggies recipe, making it another product of culinary expertise, which is, pesto and roasted veggie pizza. With the exception of your typical assortments, its spread with pesto sauce, roasted vegetables, cherry tomatoes and eggplant. Quite different for a pizza, but definitely worth trying.

13.Taco Pizza

Where are the taco lovers? Tacos and campfires are a must. Why not try something new? Presenting the taco pizza with, with beef, lettuce, cheese and definitely tomatoes on a taco pizza. It definitely is mouthwatering. Wrapped in foil and baked on a skillet, you’ll enjoy it.

14.  Spinach and Feta Pizza

You would have tried every pizza flavor and you must not miss on this blend of white sauce, fresh spinach, cheese and olives. Definitely a healthy and finger-licking good recipe to not only try at campfire night but also at home for children.

15.  S’mores Dessert Pizza

There’d be no one out there who wouldn’t have eaten smores, and pizza is a must of every home. They say experiments in cooking bring new flavors. So, bringing forth the s’mores dessert pizza. Sweet pizza in contrast to the spicy ones, with chocolate chips, crackers and marshmallows. A perfect treat for sweet and pizza fans.

16. Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pizza

You’ve tried breakfast pizza, so why not have bacon and egg breakfast pizza too? A wholesome and hearty breakfast, to satiate your hunger as well as provide you the perfect nutrition of a morning breakfast. Tendered and crisp bacon, with eggs and cheese, undoubtedly yummy.

17. Four Cheese Pizza

Our typical cheese choices for a pizza revolve around mozzarella and cheddar cheese. However, to bring a twist to regular pizzas, we present you with four cheese pizza. As the name says, the best combo of mozzarella, provolone, cheddar and parmesan cheese. It’s perfectly juicy, tender and delicious. Cooked on campfire coal gives it the perfect aroma of BBQ also. Well sometimes, you can compromise on calories in each pizza slice, after all it’s a matter of taste.

18. Barbecue Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

Are you a BBQ, pizza and a burger lover? Definitely, who doesn’t love these? So, pizza experts have put forward your new favorite, all in one, barbeque bacon cheeseburger pizza. Now who is not hungry? The ultimate combo of cheese, bacon, barbeque, and burger, one can’t stop themselves from being hungry.

19. Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza (Vegetarian)

All keto diet and calorie conscious people, you don’t need to compromise on your tastebuds and flavor. Delve into the best concoction made just for you. With roasted buffalo, cauliflower pizza base, and cheddar cheese, you can fulfill all your hunger desires. Baked on pizza stone with gold brown color, it is finger licking good.

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